My 5 Plans for My Kiddos in This Ramadan

This Ramadan is special for me, because I have to train my boys for fasting. Yes, they will be practising fasting depend on their ages.
Before Ramadan, I asked them abour their later fasting. Haqqi (8) said will be full fasting, and Danish (6) until 2 pm.
I tried my best to habituate my boys about fasting as early as possible. But, I didn’t push them. I want they understand the reasons why they have to fasting and they will fasting because of Allah. So, I didn’t plan to give them present. Well, maybe just a little suprise reward.
The activity will be done well, if we have good planning before it. So, I made some plans with my boys for this Ramadan.

1.  Gave the explanation to my boys about the meaning of fasting
Children must be want to know the reasons why they have to do someting. We did too, right? They must be have to know why they have to hold their starve and thirst. If they didn’t know the reasons, they will fasting just to get starve and thirst.
Even though, fasting is more than that. Fasting should be increase their empathy with the poor, control their emotion, increase the frequency of reading quran, and others.
So, around two months before Ramadan, I asked them for a little discussion about fasting. They read the books about fasting, and can asked anything they want to know about it.
My expectance is they able to fasting just because Allah. Aamiin.

2.  Involved my boys to arrange menus during Ramadan
My boys love to eat, even they have thin body. Arranging their favorite menus will be exciting activity for them. Lucky me, their choice are simple to cook. With their choice menus, I hope they will be exciting to fasting.

3.  Released them to make some fun activity for Ramadan
I released them to scheduling some fun and simple activity, so they can forget their starve and thirst. They also can be keep productive even they have to fasting.
They browsing in internet to get some idea for the activity. Mostly from pinterest. That website is cool enough for them.
They selected the kind of activities like simple crafting, do it yourself, and lapbook. The idea of their lapbook are from the encyclopedia.

4.  Prepared facilities for their later activities
Based in their activities plan, I bought some materials for support their planned. Mostly just simple materials, like origami paper, ice cream sticks, glue, and spidols.

5.  Made a schedule for them to memorize and reading Al Quran
I tried to keep Haqqi remember his memorize, and increase Danish’s memorize. I want they learning to love Al Quran as early as possible.

In Ramadan, not just about fasting and reading Al Quran. But, I want they know too about others, like sadaqah and studying about Islam. I provided many children books about Nabi Muhammad SAW, 25 Prophets, companions of Nabi Muhammad SAW, and the wars in Nabi Muhammad SAW’s era. I hope they can learn many good things and increase their faith from the stories.
I tried to make fun learning process, so they can enjoy the process and can get the good values.
With Farghan (3), I just made him habitual with the routines in Ramadan. So, he woke up for sahur, and also when breaking the fast.

So, with all that plans, everything done well? Nooo *crying*
It’s difficult for the start. Their whimper bother me, especially after zuhur. Maybe, that time starve is in the climax?
Or just a little question, like:
“Am I will dead, because I am so hungry?”
Oh My God, of course not hahaha...
If they get start whine, I reminded them about the poor, that even maybe they didn’t have the food for breaking their fasting. I also asked them to do some fun activities that they have planned.

So kiddos, let’s enjoy our learning process in Ramadan. Bismillah.

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  1. I will try it too for my daughter about 2-3 years later

  2. wah, aku mah nagajarin pausa sedikit demi sedikit, dan harus aad aktivitas yang menyenangkna gar anak lupa akan rasa laparnya

  3. Haha...
    It's so typical of little boys to say that they will die owing to hunger and thirst. One of my nephews complained about that too to his mom.
    It sounds so funny to see their anxiety, right?
    I hope your two elder sons can pass this Ramadan well.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hihi..No, you're not gonna die. Look at people out there who is suffered from hunger. Your condition is much better than them.

  5. what an educating activities that u have Mba, and hopefully all those plans will be done properly 😍

  6. Walla, I like the five magic points to lead your children to do fasting. Bravo.